About the Gypsies

First and foremost we are sisters! Raised by parents who rooted the love of baked goods into both of us at a young age. We both remember helping our mother bake pies during the holidays, and the two of us spent several hours in the kitchen with our father when he was part owner of a small pizza shop back in the 90’s.

Baking has naturally become a hobby for both of us over the years, but for Andrea it turned into a full blown passion! Although she isn’t a fancy pastry chef, she bakes with love and you can taste it in every bite! It's Amber’s passion to combine those tasty treats with quality ingredients and deliver them with outstanding customer service! We know we aren’t the first to embark on this cupcake journey, but it’s our goal to put care and creativity into each sweet we bake in order to make your day a little brighter!