Cake Stands & Cupcake Tiers



Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder


$10 per day

Thin Wood Slice Stands

2 Available 

$10 each per day


Thick Wood Slice Stand

$15 per day

5-7 Inch Wood Slice Stands

20 Available

$3 per stand per day


Copper 2 Tiered Cupcake Stand

$15 per day


Metal Cupcake Holder

$15 per day

Wood Slice Coasters

4 Available

$5 for the set per day


Ivory Cake Stand

$10 per day


Rustic Dark Brown Cake Stand

$15 per day


Clear Glass Cake Stand with Cover

2 Available

$15 each per day


Large Tin Cake Stand

$15 per day


Set of 5 Single Cupcake Stands

$20 per day