Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do you Serve?

We can either serve your guests on site with our vintage camper, Petunia, or we can deliver and set up on whatever stands are provided. We also have rentals you can choose from.

+ How much does it cost to have Petunia at my event?

Petunia is an add on to your dessert order. You must have a minimum of $200 in food on your order and then she is $100 per hour with a 1 hour minimum plus a delivery and travel fee based on your venue location.

+ Where do you deliver and how much is delivery?

We deliver within a 3 hour driving radius of Loveland, Colorado with the exception that we do not cross the state border. The delivery charge is dependent on your venue location. Not sure if your venue falls within our delivery radius? Just contact us and we will let you know!

+ Do you only make cupcakes?

No way! Don't get us wrong we love cupcakes but we also love to bake! We want your event to be as unique as you so if you have ideas we want to help make them a reality. We even do up to a two tiered cake!

+ What's your pricing?

Pricing varies depending on your event location, menu, and how you prefer your event to be served. With that being said we do not believe in charging a premium for events like weddings.

+ Is there a deposit required to reserve a date?

Yes! We request a deposit of 50% of your total order to hold your date. $50 of your deposit non-refundable booking fee in case of cancelation. Payment is due in full 14 days prior to your event.

+ What's your cancellation policy?

60 or more days prior to the event day, you'll receive your deposit in full (minus booking fee) 59 days or less, you'll receive half your deposit (minus booking fee) 45 days or less, we will retain 100% of your deposit 14 days or less, the full amount will be owed

+ How big is Petunia?

Petunia isn't a traditional food truck. She is a vintage "canned ham" trailer and she sits very low to the ground. She is also towed by a truck and has a tendency to jack-knife when backing up. Please keep this in mind when booking Petunia for an on-site event. She needs extra room to back up and move around.

+ Do you bake on the truck?

No, we bake all of our goods in a commercial kitchen. Although it would be nice, Petunia is only a serving cart. Please take note that the kitchens we operate out of are NOT gluten or nut free. Keep this in mind when you are booking us for an event.

+ Do you have a generator or need an electric hookup?

Petunia is equipped with a standard electric hook-up to plug into your power source or we have generators to power her up if needed!

+ What are your payment options?

We accept cash and all credit cards. We do not accept personal checks, charge a credit card processing fee or accept credit card numbers over the phone - instead you will be emailed an electronic invoice to pay with your credit card.

+ Do you offer Tastings?

Since we lack a brick and mortar location we will schedule a time to meet up with you at Dark Heart Coffee Bar in Loveland, Colorado. We bring a dozen cupcakes in order for you to try and take home the extras! The tasting includes Four(4) different flavors for a fee of $35. Please take a look at our Tasting Calendar to pick your tasting date and preselected flavors.*4 flavors is the maximum amount we can offer for tastings at this time. Please find us at food truck events if you wish to try more than the 4. Thank you :)

+ How far in advance should I place my order?

We do request at least a weeks notice on all orders. Depending on the popularity of date and time of year you might want to consider booking at least 6 months to a year in advance.

+ Do you cater to dietary restrictions/preferences?

Yes! We can make most of our cupcakes vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nut free or a combination of these. Just ask us about our ingredients and we will be happy to tell if your restriction can be covered.